About Magic City Boppers

         MCB BOARD OCTOBER 1, 2020 TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

Pictured above:

L to R: Linda Gail Burchfield, President; Ann Whitaker, Vice President; MaryLou Muir, Secretary/Treasurer;  Sally Harper,,Membership/Door


In the late 1980's a group of beach music lovers from Bessemer and Birmingham began gathering at WT's Bar and Grill in Bessemer on Friday nights, listening and bopping to music from their teenage years of the late 1950's and 1960's.  Carl Simonetti and Ben Saxon, local DJ's, played music from artists such as Sonny Boy's and Jimmy Reed's harmonica blues, Ernie K-Doe's and Fats Domino's New Orleans rhythms, along with The Drifters, Hank Ballard, and the Temptations, to name just a few.  This was just the beginning of what would soon evolve in1990, under the leadership of Phil Graf, and become known as The Magic City Boppers.  The club is still very active today.  We currently have two long-time members in the American Bop Association Hall of Fame: Phil Graf and Virginia Jones.  We have weekly meetings at Bar 31 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama and monthly parties at the Kelly Ingram VFW Post 668.  We also have an annual Beach Hangout weekend in May.  Please go to the Events page for details.

Linda Gail Burchfield           President             lgandbb@charter.net


Ann Whitaker                     Vice President      acwhit@bellsouth.net


Mary Lou Muir                    Secretary/          luluomt@yahoo.com



Sallly Harper                      Membership/     johnsally@charter.net


Other Key Workers:

        Jerri Turner, Website jerrit1947@gmail.com   

        DJ's:  Bob Ausman, Susan Ausman, George Buchanan, Larry Huff, 

        and Cecil Kuykendall